Schools FAQ

Q: Does the school have to pay to participate?

A: No, this service is provided at zero cost to you!

Q: Does All Around Sports produce posters annually or for each sports season?

A: We can produce posters for each sports season depending on the number of athletic teams at your school and the size of your community.

Q: How many posters will our school receive to share with the community?

A: Our standard package provides you with:
250 22″ x 34″ wall posters in your school’s colors
150 12” x 18” personal schedule posters
250 pocket schedules

Q: Does All Around Sports provide multiple ad sizes at different price points?

A: Absolutely. Our ads, done in your school’s colors, come in many sizes with pricing to meet your budget requirements. Compare the value to other forms of media and you’ll see why many of our posters sell out.

Q: How are ads sold to businesses in our community?

A: Our experienced sales team calls on businesses to offer them premier advertising opportunities with the benefit of raising money for their local schools. There is no pressure; the business owner is always in control to make the decision.

Q: How does All Around Sports get my sports schedule?

A: Ten weeks before the season starts you will be contacted by our production department asking for your schedules. Schedules can be emailed or faxed. If your schedules are posted on a website we can copy them from there.
Our production is driven by event start dates and when we receive your schedules. The earlier we get them the better.

Q: How soon will All Around Sports deliver the posters?

A: We need your schedules four weeks before your first scheduled event to insure prompt delivery.

Q: Will I be charged for shipping?

A: You will never be charged for shipping or anything else. Our posters programs are free to the schools.

Q: Does All Around Sports send posters to our local business advertisers?

A: Of course. We send each advertiser a copy of your poster so you don’t have to. We highly recommend that you enlist the help of one of your teams or school clubs to distribute the posters throughout the school and to other businesses in your community.

Q: When should I commit to sports posters for next year?

A: To reserve your spot in our production schedule for fall of the next year we need your commitment no later than May of the current year. We will go to work in your community as soon as we have your contract signed.