Advertiser FAQ

Q: What should I expect after purchasing an advertisement on one of your sports posters?

A: Watch for your invoice to arrive within 1-3 business days of your purchase. If you are providing the ad copy to us please email to

Q: How do I pay my invoice?

A: You can pay using several convenient methods:

1. Click here to request Paypal invoice via email.

2. You can contact us by telephone to pay with a credit card or check with no additional fees.

Prompt payment assures placement of your ad.

Q: How soon do I need to send my ad copy to your production department?

A: Our goal is to finalize your ad within three days of booking the ad. Please contact us to begin working on your ad immediately after securing a spot. Our production department will work with you to help insure your ad is created to your specifications.

Q: Why am I being called so far in advance of the posters being printed?

A: We contact you early in the process to provide you the opportunity to secure an ad position since many of our posters sell out. Due to our production schedule we need time to create your ad, make changes, and print the posters. Then the posters have to be shipped to the schools and local community prior to the start of the sports seasons.

Q: What is the process for sending my logo and ad copy?

A: Please click here to review this information on Advertisers page.